Oct 19 2010

WoW Patch 4.0.1 – Prequel to Cata

It’s been a week since updating to patch 4.0.1, honestly I haven’t been playing with my hunter for over 3 months already and since, Cataclysm is coming, I might as well wait for the expansion to come before playing and leveling again. I wanted to see what upgrades Blizzard did to my hunter, never played other classes at all. Where should I start…. oh.. NO MORE AMMOS AND MANA!! That’s two less things to buy on every trip to shop. The talent trees has been revamp, some skills were removed and some were replaced or moved. Skill points are less now compared to previous implementation, build trees now are different compared to my old build also. Its taking time to adjust to the mana-less play and my shot rotation is not changed, until now I have not yet found the most optimum rotation for my hunter, be it BM or MM. I won’t go deep on the changes, it can be found around the web anyway.

On another note… my pets were also changed. My Spirit Beast, Loque’nahak, lost its Spirit Strike ability! =( I didn’t care much about the damage or DoT, I like the effects, where can you find a lazer kitty around WoW?
Though it was buffed up with a new party skill, agi and strenght buff, I’m still going to miss the Laser effects.

Aug 4 2009

My WoW Addons

Thought I’d make a list of  WoW Addons I use just in case if forget….

  • Atlasloot Enhanced
  • QuestHelper
  • Cartographer
  • Titan Panel
  • Auctioneer
  • IceHud
  • bartender4
  • npcscan
  • omen threatmeter
  • recount
  • quartz
  • ratingbuster
  • BossTactics
  • Deadly Boss Mode

What do you  use?

Jul 21 2009

My Level 80 Hunter!!

Finally! after 2 years of playing WoW, I ‘finally’ reached the level cap for my Bloodelf hunter… rofl.

Now the fun part begins, where to start, get my epic Netherwing mount, get l33t gears, upgrade my profession, finish instances and achievements.. lol soooo many things to do.

Also, I’ll be studying raid encounters strats now since I’ll be raiding once in a while with the guild that I just joined recently, Purple Fever, from Bonechewer server. Technically, I’m very new, as in 0 exp in raids, wish me luck lol.

I’ll post pic later when I get home.

Update, pic added:

Level 80