Aug 18 2009

Trip to Lexington…

Few days has passed since I arrived here in Lexington last Saturday, Aug 15. 4 plane trips, total of 20+ hours plane ride, my butt hurts! Had to sit beside a chinese from Hong Kong who takes the whole arm rest to himself and sleeps leaning towards me… sheesh!

Currently staying at Residence Inn by Mariott, looks nice and homey. Has a kitchen and a living room, two bedrooms, 1 CR each. I’m sleeping on the 2nd floor. Open room, no door to lock.

I have been around Lexington already for the past few days… window shopping. Areas visited include Fayett, Hamburg, Lexington proper. No tourist spots yet.

The stores are having there summer sale and boy the sales are really great! Nike shoes go as low as 50% off, and its not those normal ones!

Monday was a slow day, work, complete paperworks, meet the team, etc.. the normal working stuffs.

I’ll be posting some pics soon around Lexington when I get around to actually upload them =p