Mar 16 2009

What a month…

Well that’s it, I’m depressed… Doctor’s orders to stop dancing. My Baker’s Cyst came back, I’m in the 1-5%! [sarcasm]Yey!![/sarcasm] Things aren’t going as good as I hoped it would. On the brighter side Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion has FINALLY arrived in Cebu Ayala Timezone, after 1 month of waiting that is.

Also, I never knew I would have a lot of time to do stuffs when I stopped dance practices. Makes me wonder what I have missed all these nights.

Anyway… planned day for the next operation will be 1st week of April when my little bro arrives from Manila for the summer.

Mar 6 2008

Tekken 6 in Cebu!!!

As of March 5, 2008… Cebu officially has Tekken 6!!

Location is in Ayala Timezone (Main Branch)
Cost: 20 non-vip, 18 VIP

Oh how long I have been waiting for this to arrive!! =D
My wallet is already screaming but what the heck!!

*pics to come*

Edit: Seems like I lost the cables for my phone, I can’t transfer the images. Taking the tiny SD MICRO from my phone is a pain in the butt. 😉

Aug 29 2007

Tekken 6’s 4th New Character – WTH?!

Those who plays or played Tekken would already know by now that there will be 4 new characters for the upcoming Tekken 6 release. I just visited the forums to check on the updates and let me lay it down straight when I saw the 4th new character… WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!

Take a look here…

Tekken Bob

He’s not just big… he’s HUGE! Now I don’t know what martial art he’s gonna use in the game but… damn! I’m sure he’s gonna be at least the size of Ganryu. Maybe even between the size of Ganryu and Marduk.

One things for sure.. I’m not going to use this character! LOL!

Edit: More info here