Apr 7 2008

30 Days and Counting!!

Ok, its April already… and I’m starting to panic. One – I have lots of work not yet done and things to do, two – I have yet to find a person to help me manage the Linux servers for a “just in case” scenario when I’m away, three – our roadshow in Taiwan is fast approaching and everyone’s panicking!!, four – I have tasks to finish in Lexmark that I need to finish them before I leave, five – My W.o.W. account has yet to be reactivated since it suspension last month, six – ARRGH! I completely forgot I have to do some mods for K‘s site… ( K sooooo sorrry T___T )

Well… there it is.. I’m a complete mess and about to go over the edge and have a complete nervous breakdown…. (X__x)!!

P.S.: K, now I know how you felt a few months ago!! XD

Aug 17 2007

My First WordPress Plugin – WP-FileBackup

I made a plugin for wordpress. Its my first and I hope it helps you out. Leave comments and suggestions, if any. And… if there are any bugs… please.. post THERE so I can check it out and fix it 😀

The plugin is name WP-FileBackup and can be found here.

Instructions and summary can be found there.