Nov 27 2007

A Gadget and A Pet

Just got my new overclocked gaming PC and a new pet… a pet dog that is =p

First my new pc…. >=)


  • Abit IP-35E (BIOS FW14-B5)
  • Intel E6750 2.4ghz (Overclocked to 3.2ghz)
  • Geforce 8800GTS 320MB (Overclocked)
  • 2pcs PC-800 1 gig mem (Forgot the name)
  • 320 gig WD Sata HDD
  • 160 gig Seagate IDE HDD (Backups)
  • LG Sata DVD+/-RW
  • Antec P180-B (Black Casing)

One thing to note, the casing is freakishly HEAVY!
After a year of planning an waiting… I can now play online games smoothly and with the peace of mind that I wont get lagged. hahah… WoW, C&C3, RF, Quake … here I come!!

Next in line would be either a PS3 or a new LCD screen, but I’m in no hurry 😉



Next…. My new pet… given by a good friend when I went to Manila for the weekend. Its a teacup poodle… black and, of course, small! =p I always wanted a pet dog, small types, since they can be carried wherever I go. haha!

If you want one.. visit here