Oct 19 2010

WoW Patch 4.0.1 – Prequel to Cata

It’s been a week since updating to patch 4.0.1, honestly I haven’t been playing with my hunter for over 3 months already and since, Cataclysm is coming, I might as well wait for the expansion to come before playing and leveling again. I wanted to see what upgrades Blizzard did to my hunter, never played other classes at all. Where should I start…. oh.. NO MORE AMMOS AND MANA!! That’s two less things to buy on every trip to shop. The talent trees has been revamp, some skills were removed and some were replaced or moved. Skill points are less now compared to previous implementation, build trees now are different compared to my old build also. Its taking time to adjust to the mana-less play and my shot rotation is not changed, until now I have not yet found the most optimum rotation for my hunter, be it BM or MM. I won’t go deep on the changes, it can be found around the web anyway.

On another note… my pets were also changed. My Spirit Beast, Loque’nahak, lost its Spirit Strike ability! =( I didn’t care much about the damage or DoT, I like the effects, where can you find a lazer kitty around WoW?
Though it was buffed up with a new party skill, agi and strenght buff, I’m still going to miss the Laser effects.

Aug 4 2009

My WoW Addons

Thought I’d make a list of  WoW Addons I use just in case if forget….

  • Atlasloot Enhanced
  • QuestHelper
  • Cartographer
  • Titan Panel
  • Auctioneer
  • IceHud
  • bartender4
  • npcscan
  • omen threatmeter
  • recount
  • quartz
  • ratingbuster
  • BossTactics
  • Deadly Boss Mode

What do you  use?

Jul 21 2009

My Level 80 Hunter!!

Finally! after 2 years of playing WoW, I ‘finally’ reached the level cap for my Bloodelf hunter… rofl.

Now the fun part begins, where to start, get my epic Netherwing mount, get l33t gears, upgrade my profession, finish instances and achievements.. lol soooo many things to do.

Also, I’ll be studying raid encounters strats now since I’ll be raiding once in a while with the guild that I just joined recently, Purple Fever, from Bonechewer server. Technically, I’m very new, as in 0 exp in raids, wish me luck lol.

I’ll post pic later when I get home.

Update, pic added:

Level 80

Jul 7 2009

Loque’nahak Tamed!!!

Finally tamed Loque’nahak after 2 days of camping in one spot in Sholazar Basin,Northrend. Loque looks awesome with its glowing eyes plus the spirit strike ability. Pic below with my new cat. Also note, acquiring this cat WILL have side effects… sweaty palms, shaking hands, increase heart beat, unable to hear anything around you for 1-2min… Weird thing though, both times when I found King Krush and Loque, my mom was with me AND was talking to me… I couldn’t hear a single word she said! ROFL!!

Me and Loque'nahak

btw, don’t give up… if you can’t find him, Loque will find you.

Coords where I found him is in the south-east (66,78), Bonechewer server.

Mar 16 2009

What a month…

Well that’s it, I’m depressed… Doctor’s orders to stop dancing. My Baker’s Cyst came back, I’m in the 1-5%! [sarcasm]Yey!![/sarcasm] Things aren’t going as good as I hoped it would. On the brighter side Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion has FINALLY arrived in Cebu Ayala Timezone, after 1 month of waiting that is.

Also, I never knew I would have a lot of time to do stuffs when I stopped dance practices. Makes me wonder what I have missed all these nights.

Anyway… planned day for the next operation will be 1st week of April when my little bro arrives from Manila for the summer.

Jan 2 2009

My Christmas…

Well.. Christmas came and went… nothing much happened around. Gifts were being opened by my family, my little sis got the most stuffs, well she’s the youngest so its normal. As for me… well.. I got one of my wish list… PS3!!! =D hehehe… from me… to me.. =p Pics below for the unboxing… got myself a HDMI-DVI cable to connect to my Samsung 2232GW LCD Monitor.. XD Got myself Soul Calibur 4 .. what game to buy next? Metal Gear Solid 4? Little Big Planet? hmmm… decisions3x…

Now things to do for the new year… clean my room… XD

Oct 10 2008

The Joy and Shame of it all…

Been back to busy life again… ahh well… I still haven’t reach level 40 of my WoW character and I know K will really slap me for not reaching level 70 when WotLK is about to arrive this November >_< The cable tv at home is not working, [sarcastic]thank you Skycable![/sarcastic] My computer loan for an LCD screen has just been approved... after 2 freaking months of waiting, sheesh! Now I'm really excited with the new phone Nokia released last October 2. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Touchscreen “Tube”. I was thinking of getting an Iphone but the price is freakishly steep for my wallet, then Nokia brought this into the light, oh happy days! Its pretty much within my budget of 20-30k price tag in Php. Now just have to wait till christmas for this thing to arrive here and I’m all set.

TGS (Tokyo Game Show) just started in Japan and to my surprise Tekken 6: BR was also featured there. To me freaking horror, its going to be release in Fall of 2009 not as a PS3 exclusive but as a multiplatform to XBox360!!! ARGH!!!! First Devil May Cry, then Final Fantasy, now Tekken??? What next? Grand Tourismo??? Im just gonna sulk for a while why this is happening all within the year… *sigh*

Feb 29 2008

Old School Nostalgia

Looking back in the good old days where high speed internet was still a 28000 baud modem, consoles were as large as two shoe boxes side-by-side, TVs were as large as my current monitor, and games were 2-dimensional colored dots. *Sigh* The Good-Old-Days…

I started craving for the old games I played when I was young, especially Mario! Simple games that were fun and enjoyable, unlike the console we are using now that would have been used in a research lab looking for the cure of AIDS or HIV or what-not 15 years ago…

Went around the inter-web, googling for emulators and ROMS to play those old games. What luck that I happen to find a site the offered A LOT of those old school games from SNES. I was in heaven!! Mario! Megaman 1 – 6! Island Adventure 1-2! Ice Climber!! BATTLE CITY!!

What’s better than this? I don’t need to download any emulator to run the games! It runs off an emulated SNES off java applet! Thank You JAVA!!

If your an “old-schooler”, you should visit vnes. You wont regret it!

    Personal Favorites:

  1. Super Mario Brothers
  2. Battle City
  3. Wrecking Crew
  4. Elevator Action
  5. Ice Climber
  6. Megaman Series
  7. Island Adventure
  8. Mappy