Aug 15 2008

Message in a bottle…

I totally forgot about this draft for an August post. Better late than never…

A message from one of our dear masters in Taiwan that took care of us when we were there last April for our Siddhartha Taiwan road tour. Ven. Master Miao Guang’s message to the Siddhartha family…

Hello Ms. Dayzee,

Time certainly flies! It’s already been over a month since we met at the performances and your visit to FGU. I was saddened by not being able to see your last show at FGS and the farewell party at Pumen Temple in Taipei, but I am content enough just to have been there with the Master, sitting in the front row, and fully bathing in the beauty and profound wisdom displayed by your show. I still can’t get over how touched I was by the musical. I still listen to the soundtrack or sing it silently in my mind almost everyday, because the memories from the musical have bestowed unto me nothing but courage and faith in the path that I had chosen at the age of a young adult, a weak mind seeking solace and guidance from the faith that I had taken for granted for too long over these years.
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May 27 2008

A Taiwan Trip – Heaven on Earth

Well where to start… two weeks and three days in Taiwan, all expenses paid. What a trip and what an experience!! April 30 was our flight to Taipei, Taiwan and the departure time was 5AM. We used PAL since we had a large discount from our air fare, was sooo sleepy on the flight to Taiwan but I didn’t sleep since I was very excited.

The hospitality we were given in Taiwan was amazing! No words can describe the love and care the people there gave us, from the arrival in Taipei airport to the accommodation in Pu Men Temple was overwhelming! Everything was given to us on a silver platter, so to speak. We were treated like celebrities!
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Apr 16 2008

Taiwan Here We Come!!!

Check out the trailer for our Taiwan show this coming May (~_^)V
Two and a half weeks trip to Taiwan for the musical play and I’m sooo excited! We leave for Taiwan on April 30.

Or you can check the video on youtube here.

Apr 9 2008

Me an Artist!?

Never in my lifetime have I dreamed of becoming an artist. Honestly speaking… acting, dancing and singing was my greatest weakness, and enemy, since my days in high school. I couldn’t ‘Act’ if my life depended on it. Though I may ‘Act’ in class plays/presentations here and there, the outcome has always been the same, making a buffoon of myself. It maybe because I have a frog’s voice and/or a robots body. Though it makes me sometimes think that I may have been better off as a comedian than those serious roles.

When my college has life ended, I thought that those days of class presentations has finally ended… Oh the irony of life! Little did I know that two years later I would soon be a part of one of the largest successful production in Cebu.

Almost a year ago, I was called to a meeting at a Chinese temple. I was part of the youth group in that temple. Not knowing what to expect, I complied to meet with the masters, aunts and uncles. Little did I know that this day would be one of those life changing event in my life. Me and some members of the BLIA youth were asked to auditioned for a play that is in production! Oh those haunting memories in school came back! With some hesitations and further persuasions from the adults, I gave it a chance. One reason was just to stop them from nagging at my ears and another reason was that I was also a bit curious. One thing led to another, and soon enough I and four other BLIA youths were included in the cast for the musical play of Siddhartha.

At first, I can’t even come to imagine me dancing, acting and singing in front of THOUSANDS of people! I can’t even do my lines properly in class plays, much more on a large stage!

Rehearsals came and went, and sooner than I thought I can now actually dance at par to some people in the cast! All those practices really came through. Plus the constant training from the director, Ms. Daisy Baad, got me to come out of my shell. Waterfront came and went, I can’t believe what I went through. It pretty much felt really good to do something I thought I would never do in front of thousands of people! I could see everyone enjoyed the play pretty much, in and outside the stage.

We were soon invited to play in Manila! Not just any place, but the world renowned CCP! At first I didn’t get why my new family (the casts) got so excited about. Yah, it’s an old stage….so what? Later did I know that not just anyone gets to present in CCP in front of a crowd! Musicians dream of the day to present in CCP, and we were presented this chance on a platter. World renowned musicians and actors had stood on the very stage we were going to present.

Everyone was very excited, since everything was already prepared and set for us to present there. You can say that we were “pampered to death” from the people in Manila. Not that we are complaining, but we were so thankful for their hospitality. Some of the cast’s dream came true as we stepped into the large stage that is the CCP.

Now, the Taiwan show is growing nearer, I have now been asked to take the role of an understudy of Channa, the servant of Siddhartha. One for major roles in the play!!! What an experience it has been for the whole year. From just a simple dancer, now I’m handling and trying to learn the role of a major cast!

As for me, the whole experience was well worth the pain and late night rehearsals. Just by playing minor roles in the play really taught me the value of teamwork and hard work. No one is less important than the other. This what really struck me most. Everyone was really important, from the tiniest role to the main cast of the show. If one is missing, the whole play is derailed or even incomplete because of that one single role, no matter what role he/she does. Life is more or less the same. We all play major roles in our everyday life; from our home, to our school, to the office. If we disappear, we not only affect the lives that are connected to us, our family, but also out friends, co-workers and others.

Having the chance to take the role of a royalty, a jester, a charioteer, and an ascetic made me think that life is more than the daily events that you come to know and do everyday. Life is a stage, and we are the main cast of our very own play that is our life. Take the opportunity, take risks, do things that you never thought you could! Reach for your dreams, be someone. Who knows? You may be also be a main cast in someone else’ play in life.

So… Taiwan, and hopefully the world, here we come!!!

Apr 7 2008

30 Days and Counting!!

Ok, its April already… and I’m starting to panic. One – I have lots of work not yet done and things to do, two – I have yet to find a person to help me manage the Linux servers for a “just in case” scenario when I’m away, three – our roadshow in Taiwan is fast approaching and everyone’s panicking!!, four – I have tasks to finish in Lexmark that I need to finish them before I leave, five – My W.o.W. account has yet to be reactivated since it suspension last month, six – ARRGH! I completely forgot I have to do some mods for K‘s site… ( K sooooo sorrry T___T )

Well… there it is.. I’m a complete mess and about to go over the edge and have a complete nervous breakdown…. (X__x)!!

P.S.: K, now I know how you felt a few months ago!! XD

Nov 15 2007

Honor and Privilege

Majority of catholics would be thrilled even just to take a glimpse of the Pope in person. Some may have the finance to travel to the “Holy Land” to see him on his balcony, others may even have the privilege to meet him in person. On the other hand, most would never ever meet the pope in person in their lifetime.

I had the privilege and the honor to meet one of the highest ranking monks in Buddhism, Venerable Master Hsin Pei (心培和尚 Xinpei Heshang). He is the current Abbot and director of Fo Guang Shan and second in line to Venerable Master Hsing Yun.

He came to Cebu for a special show of the Siddhartha musical that was played in CCP a week before. Sadly he wasn’t able to watch the show in CCP due to schedule problems. In a way, his visit was also a part of the judgment if we will be officially brought to Taiwan to do another show of the Siddhartha musical. There were comments from him that really made sense, but overall he enjoyed the play very much.

As for the verdict…. TAIWAN HERE WE COME!!! Possible schedule is on April or May.

Pics to follow…

Nov 8 2007

Memories To Last A Lifetime

Waterfront… then CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines)… What can I say, a lot has happened within this year. I would never have imagined I would start to like watching stage plays, and yet I can’t imagine I would even learn to dance in my lifetime!

Now nine months after the Siddhartha project started, I’m still here, happy and glad that I stuck to what I started and never looked back. Blessings perhaps? Probably… but it was all worth it! From waterfront to the world renowned CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippine) where Lea Salonga also played! Nothing can compare the feeling when you step into the large stage in CCP! The feeling that other successful artist has stood on that stage where you are standing. The feeling that you were given a chance to perform on that stage when even other known artists were not given the opportunity to perform there.

I can’t even believe I can now dance!!! (hahahaha)

Okok, it was the most memorable trip I had to Manila. Four days of sleepless nights and aching joints. Four shows to perform and stress to add to it. But the experiences and memories will last a lifetime!! The show did have its ups and downs, but the last show was the best! Everything went right!

One last thing, we were invited to perform in TAIWAN!! Taiwan here we come!!!



Oct 31 2007

Siddhartha Play At CCP!

Well, I’m off to Manila for the Siddhartha production in CCP. I wont be back until Monday and I doubt I’ll have time to access the net in the hotel, if I even get the time to face a PC =) Anyone in need of me, contact me through my cellphone.

Wish us luck!

P.S. I’m a nervous wreck!! X__x