May 18 2010

Android Development…What to make!?

Any ideas? ugh…

Apr 12 2010

Nexus One Unboxing-Review

Three weeks, and counting, of using Google Nexus One and loving it!!!

I’ve been holding out on purchasing the Nexus One since its release due to the fact that I _know_ new gadgets will always have bugs, and I was right.. there are and still have issues, from 3g connection issues to touch screen issues to bluetooth issues etc… So, I waited close to 3 months and see if this is really a hardware problem or software and as far as I observed, its more of a software problem.

Below are my un-boxing pics, and my review will follow.

Nexus One Review:

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Apr 8 2010


Got to start posting blogs again… hate procrastinating… hate my busy schedule….

Mar 23 2010

Nexus One has arrived!!!

First post from Nexus One!!! Will post review later on, so stey tune.

Mar 3 2010

Oh the Irony of Apple!

You may already heard of Apple suing HTC for “stealing” patented technologies.

Well its kinda ironic based on what the all mighty Steve said in this interview from the 90s

All I can say is L. O. L.

Jan 14 2010


Finally finished setting up my own photoblog, new hobby to start and hopefully continue.
Already posted some photos from the past and present. Check them out here. Comments (good or bad) are highly appreciated!

Dec 11 2009

2009 Christmas Wish List

Well Christmas is approaching again… hmmm… what should I start wishing for anyway?
Let’s see…

  • Nexus One (On its way =D )
  • Omnia 2??
  • New Gaming Mouse (Logitech)
  • Camera filter (UV HD Filter from Hoya)
  • Final Fantasy XIII

Though there is one more that I want but… I’ll leave it up to you to guess the last one =p

Update: Checked FF13, updated Nexus one status 😉

Nov 29 2009

Muppets Viral!

THIS made my day… hahaha enjoy!