Jul 9 2011

Audio Books To-Finish

Currently I have no time to read anymore, books that I bought just stayed on the table without being touched. The next best thing would be to get audiobooks so I can get back to my novels, these are some of the audiobooks I plan on listening to…
  1. Arthur C. Clarke
    • The City and the Stars and The Sands of Mars ( Done )
    • The Fountains of Paradise
  2. Daniel Suarez
    • Daemon ( Done )
    • Freedom (On-going)
  3. Steven Levey
    • In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives

Yes, I know… All of them are Sci-Fi or tech documentation.

Feb 13 2011

“Leaked” Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Screen From Harada

Harada “Leaked” on his twitter account (@Harada_TEKKEN) a screen with blurred out character list from a TTT2 machine for AOU.
[image removed]

Let’s try guessing who those blurred out characters are….

So far what I can guess:

top line:
kuma, baek, lei, nina, ???, ???, raven, paul?, mig?, bob, ???, ???, ??? , ??? , ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, law?, roger

2nd line:
random, muko, jack6/7, bryan?, king?, ???, xiao, DJ?, leo, jaycee, drag?, ???, ??? zaf?, lili, asuka, hwa, ???, steve, ???, ???, ???

Dec 4 2010

Cata here I come!

Ok, WoW Cataclysm Dec 7, no life mode again until i get to lvl 85… >.<

Jul 22 2010

No more online purchase for Nexus One

Broke my heart when I saw this on the Google Nexus 1 page… ='(

No More Nexus 1

Jun 26 2010

Geeks… Nerds… Dweebs… Dorks?

Found this image somewhere in the net and I forgot the address…

Well this sums it all up.. LOL…

Credit to that source that I forgot.

May 18 2010

Android Development…What to make!?

Any ideas? ugh…

Apr 8 2010


Got to start posting blogs again… hate procrastinating… hate my busy schedule….

Dec 11 2009

2009 Christmas Wish List

Well Christmas is approaching again… hmmm… what should I start wishing for anyway?
Let’s see…

  • Nexus One (On its way =D )
  • Omnia 2??
  • New Gaming Mouse (Logitech)
  • Camera filter (UV HD Filter from Hoya)
  • Final Fantasy XIII

Though there is one more that I want but… I’ll leave it up to you to guess the last one =p

Update: Checked FF13, updated Nexus one status 😉