Feb 10 2008

Geeky New Year

What a month and what a new year…

Remember my phone that died out on me last December? Got it fixed last December, minus the 3 1/2 years worth of contacts and messages saved in the phone’s memory. X_x Though, it may have been a ‘mix’ blessing in disguise, mix in a sense I have to shell out a few more thousand cold hard cash to purchase a new phone. Hahaha! ah well, though the new phone is also what I really wanted. A new Nokia E51 business phone… the price was not even that high! Would have picked the Ericsson K850 but the price tag was too much, 20k+ (ouch!).


Now to the specs… “candy bar” style, silver color scheme, aluminum frame and casing, 130mb build-in phone memory, expandable to 4gig ( 512mb was included though, not bad ), 3g hspda ready, 2mp camera, pdf reader, mp3 player, radio station tuner, doc and excel reader, personal assistant, sms reading software (reads your text messages loudly) and the best of all.. Wifi ready!!

Now I also got a few gadgets that will go nicely with the new gaming system at home.
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Dec 12 2007

Christmas with a List

Few more days before Christmas… more deadlines to meet and more expenses… But also comes the company Christmas gifts, 13th month bonus, Christmas bonuses and a salary increase!! hahaha! Well what is Christmas without the “Giving” and the “Sharing” right? >=) So here’s MY Christmas wish-list =D

Any kind souls to give me these will receive a life time supply of gratitude, thanks and the knowledge that you made someone very happy. hehehehe =D

Jul 26 2007

Shuraki Trinity Figures

Mishiro Akatsuki and Shall Luzeman Char Rhouseman . I just went through the roof with these figures. Not only for their dynamic pose and but also to their detail in the sculpture and color. GoodSmile produced these figures and Mishiro is slated to be released on September, no release date for Shall Char as of the moment. Mishiro will cost Y4800 – Y5000 depending on the store but I guess it will be more or less within P2000 – P2500 when it arrives here, well within budget =). Though I hope my supplier can get me one.

Shuraki website

Mishiro Akatsuki


Update: Renamed Shall Luzman to Char Rhouseman