Oct 6 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

R.I.P Steve Jobs

Jul 19 2011

Ce-GNU-Lug Meet-up

Cebu GNU Linux User Group Meet Up 

When: July 29, 2011, 7:00 – 7:30 Registration Time
Where: TechBar IT Park
Who: Anyone can join!
Visit our Sponsor: Exist , DevCon


Jul 9 2011

Audio Books To-Finish

Currently I have no time to read anymore, books that I bought just stayed on the table without being touched. The next best thing would be to get audiobooks so I can get back to my novels, these are some of the audiobooks I plan on listening to…
  1. Arthur C. Clarke
    • The City and the Stars and The Sands of Mars ( Done )
    • The Fountains of Paradise
  2. Daniel Suarez
    • Daemon ( Done )
    • Freedom (On-going)
  3. Steven Levey
    • In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives

Yes, I know… All of them are Sci-Fi or tech documentation.

Feb 13 2011

“Leaked” Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Screen From Harada

Harada “Leaked” on his twitter account (@Harada_TEKKEN) a screen with blurred out character list from a TTT2 machine for AOU.
[image removed]

Let’s try guessing who those blurred out characters are….

So far what I can guess:

top line:
kuma, baek, lei, nina, ???, ???, raven, paul?, mig?, bob, ???, ???, ??? , ??? , ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, law?, roger

2nd line:
random, muko, jack6/7, bryan?, king?, ???, xiao, DJ?, leo, jaycee, drag?, ???, ??? zaf?, lili, asuka, hwa, ???, steve, ???, ???, ???

Dec 4 2010

Cata here I come!

Ok, WoW Cataclysm Dec 7, no life mode again until i get to lvl 85… >.<

Oct 19 2010

WoW Patch 4.0.1 – Prequel to Cata

It’s been a week since updating to patch 4.0.1, honestly I haven’t been playing with my hunter for over 3 months already and since, Cataclysm is coming, I might as well wait for the expansion to come before playing and leveling again. I wanted to see what upgrades Blizzard did to my hunter, never played other classes at all. Where should I start…. oh.. NO MORE AMMOS AND MANA!! That’s two less things to buy on every trip to shop. The talent trees has been revamp, some skills were removed and some were replaced or moved. Skill points are less now compared to previous implementation, build trees now are different compared to my old build also. Its taking time to adjust to the mana-less play and my shot rotation is not changed, until now I have not yet found the most optimum rotation for my hunter, be it BM or MM. I won’t go deep on the changes, it can be found around the web anyway.

On another note… my pets were also changed. My Spirit Beast, Loque’nahak, lost its Spirit Strike ability! =( I didn’t care much about the damage or DoT, I like the effects, where can you find a lazer kitty around WoW?
Though it was buffed up with a new party skill, agi and strenght buff, I’m still going to miss the Laser effects.

Jul 22 2010

No more online purchase for Nexus One

Broke my heart when I saw this on the Google Nexus 1 page… ='(

No More Nexus 1

Jun 26 2010

Geeks… Nerds… Dweebs… Dorks?

Found this image somewhere in the net and I forgot the address…

Well this sums it all up.. LOL…

Credit to that source that I forgot.